Thursday, April 3

6:00 pm                Keynote lecture: Chon Noriega, UCLA

7:00 pm                Go for sisters (2013, John Sayles)

10.00 pm              La Lucha de Ana (2012, Bladimir Abud)


Friday, April 4

9:00 am                The Salinas Project (2014, Carolyn Brown).Q&A with director Carolyn Brown

10:15 am              Prejudice and Pride. (2013, John Valadez,). Q&A with director John Valadez

1:00 pm                Conference Panel 1: Documented Lives

Josh Malitsky, moderator. José Toledo, Jennifer Boles, Jeff Gould, Carolyn Brown, John Valadez

Unfreedom: Latino Immigrants in a Midwestern Town (2014, José Toledo)

Prohibido Prohibir: A Film in Search of Sergio García (2014, Jennifer Boles)

Port Triumph (2014, Jeff Gould)

3:00 pm                Jorgensen Lecture: Edward James Olmos in conversation with Chon Noriega

6:30 pm                Mosquita y Mari (2012, Aurora Guerrero)

9:30 pm                In the Time of the Butterflies (2011, Mariano Barroso)


Saturday, April 5

9:30 am                Conference Panel 2: Migrations within. Dominican Filmmaking and Denationalization

Andrés Guzmán, moderator. Jerry Carlson, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Tanya Valette

10:30 am              Dominican shorts. Curated by Tanya Valette

1:30 pm                Panel 3: Latina/o Literature on the Big Screen

Jonathan Risner, moderator. Fernando Valerio-Holguín, Gabriel Meléndez, Sonia Fritz

4:30 pm                Jean Gentil (2010, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas). Q&A with Director Laura Amelia Guzmán

7:00 pm                América (2011, Sonia Fritz).Q&A with Director Sonia Fritz

9:30 pm                Bless mi Ultima (2013, Carl Franklin).


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